Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Another quilt from the Holt Co. Museum collection. This is a signature quilt . I should of taken notes because I've forgotten the details of the quilt.
  This month is flying by......not sure why but I'm not getting much sewing/crafting done. I am in the process of cleaning my studio. I have to admit I am a hoarder. Oh that's so hard to admit but it's time, and it's time to break the cycle of hoarding.
  • I cleaned my closet and donated a trunk full of clothing to the thrift store in Ewing.
  • I throw away half bottles of lotion if I know they have lost their scent, or I don't like them.
  • Shoes have been sorted.
  • Got rid of a few books.
  • Threw a few towels away.
  • Have a box of Christmas stuff ready to go away.
  • Gave my Mom back her jewelry boxes that were stashed in my closet.
I feel pretty good about getting rid of things, now it's off to my studio to work some more. I am working on a jewelry making station. (kids are home, they need to haul stuff so off I go)

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I'm thinking some Christmas stuff needs to go too. I only use about a third of it any more. Maybe sometime during the year I'll do some sorting and get it ready for donation next November. I'm bad enough at keeping things but DH is the hoarder..."I might need it someday."