Sunday, January 29, 2012

before vacation

 I finished this quilt before vacation but didn't have time to download the pic's. My friend Diane made this using pillowcases her MIL made. They found the stash while cleaning out the house after her passing. The work is wonderful but the pic isn't. I forgot to take a pic until delivering it to the bar so I tossed it over the pool table.........she bordered it with dark blue and it's king sized. She is giving it to her husband Alan.
 This is my favorite piece in the quilt. I love working on memory quilts or sentimental quilts!
 This is the quilt I will be giving my friend, I was quilting it when I heard of her mother's passing, now to get the binding on.............
And last but not least is Jim's quilt, Roseanne made it for her husband with a bandanna as the starting block, the brown one in the top middle row. They went to the Cattleman's Ball last year and this is the souvenir from the Ball. This quilt spent Christmas on my quilt frame...........ugh! I still have it too because I didn't finish it before Roseanne had knee replacement surgery last week. I think I will work on another one or two of hers soon and deliver after work in O'Neill sometime. (she lives in Atkinson)

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