Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another day

It's another day of cleaning and sorting around here. Just returned from town, had to take Kev in to get his tractor, and I got a big ol' Mt. Dew to help me thru the afternoon. Sara told me yesterday while helping me that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. (gotta love 14 yr. old) Well I have a huge problem with hoarding and my plan is to tackle it in small bits.
  • 20 or so patterns are out the door, gave them away at quilt group last night
  • empty boxes are out of my studio
  • sorted trims and such-they have a home in a three drawer cart
  • sorting kits into baskets
  • empty jars are in the house ready to go to the basement
  • a basket of clothes came into the house to be sorted and washed
  • books and patterns are slowly finding their shelf
I hope if I work everyday it starts to make a difference around here..................oh and to get my sewing machine a happy home on my sewing desk! (with lots of room around it, not piles of stuff waiting to tip over on me)

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