Monday, September 30, 2013

Tomato time

 I have been very lucky this year, someone gave us a bunch of tomato's to can up. Mom and I spent the day canning salsa and regular tomato's. We finished the day with 40 jars of salsa and 27 jars of tomato's. I love salsa with black beans and corn so that's what I made and Mom wanted tomato's for cooking.
I'm always thankful for help in the kitchen, it went so fast with Mom cleaning and coring that sometimes I couldn't keep up with the chopping, good thing I have a nice food processor. I made a huge kettle of goulash with the tomato's that were left over(ran out of small lids and big mouth jars). I made it just like my Grandma Allen's, then I felt just like I was a kid eating dinner with my grandparents.........I loved it! Then I had so much left I had to share with a small disclaimer...if it's terrible I'm sorry, it tastes just like my grandma's........and I never said she was a good cook............

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jane's B-day

 My Mom made this western theme apron for Jane, the pockets are the shirt cuffs. She trimmed it in western fabric leftover from tablerunners. Jane came and sewed with us for the day and she wore the apron all day long. The purse below is what she worked on with us. Mom gave her the fabric and I showed her how to make it. We had a fun day sewing for her B-day.

Baby Gifts

 Just a shot of some baby gifts Mom and I made for some new babies. The top is for a set of twins born earlier this week.
 This set goes to a baby who is waiting to show up in November, and nobody knows if it's a boy or girl yet either.
 I finished my sample embroidery bib also.
Oh and Crazy

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Bibs

 I have been working on these bibs for days.........ugh! I did all the embroidery in the evening while watching TV (not listening) or in between other things. I kept trying new things with the machine or thread or patterns so it's been a learning experience too. Some patterns have way to many thread changes to make them cost effective for craft shows but they are gonna be cute gifts.
 I also learned how to apply snaps, oh my it was a headache! Still not great at it but after 45 minutes and lots of ruined snaps I think I have the hang of it. Oh and it would of helped if I would of bought all the tools required to set those cute brown and pink plastic I have to find the setting pliers if I want to use those snaps and have them set well.
 I fell in love with the dog print and just knew it would make the cutest bibs.
I am really glad they are done, what possessed me to make 16 of them at the same time?  Oh yeah I'm crazy and think  "if one is good, 16 is better".

Thursday, September 5, 2013


 This batch of baby hats will be traveling oversea to Jordan. There is a group called LILY collecting stuff for Syrian refugees. Mom made the bottom 4 hats on the small Kifty Knitter Loom.
 This batch goes in the craft show pile. Who doesn't need a baby camo hat? Or a sparkly blue slouchie beanie?
This scarf is so much prettier in real life. There is two different sparkly yarns and 4 or so different browns and tans. I love the texture the variety of yarns create.

Well Mom and I are off to another craft show this weekend, it's called  The Country Market and it's held at the Old Scenic Pilger Rest Area on Hwy 275  east of Norfolk Ne.
  It's an outside show with over 60 vendors of various crafts, antiques, produce, lunch and activities. I'm looking forward to it and I know it's going to be lots of fun!  Oh it's Saturday and open from 9-4.