Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Bibs

 I have been working on these bibs for days.........ugh! I did all the embroidery in the evening while watching TV (not listening) or in between other things. I kept trying new things with the machine or thread or patterns so it's been a learning experience too. Some patterns have way to many thread changes to make them cost effective for craft shows but they are gonna be cute gifts.
 I also learned how to apply snaps, oh my it was a headache! Still not great at it but after 45 minutes and lots of ruined snaps I think I have the hang of it. Oh and it would of helped if I would of bought all the tools required to set those cute brown and pink plastic I have to find the setting pliers if I want to use those snaps and have them set well.
 I fell in love with the dog print and just knew it would make the cutest bibs.
I am really glad they are done, what possessed me to make 16 of them at the same time?  Oh yeah I'm crazy and think  "if one is good, 16 is better".

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