Monday, September 30, 2013

Tomato time

 I have been very lucky this year, someone gave us a bunch of tomato's to can up. Mom and I spent the day canning salsa and regular tomato's. We finished the day with 40 jars of salsa and 27 jars of tomato's. I love salsa with black beans and corn so that's what I made and Mom wanted tomato's for cooking.
I'm always thankful for help in the kitchen, it went so fast with Mom cleaning and coring that sometimes I couldn't keep up with the chopping, good thing I have a nice food processor. I made a huge kettle of goulash with the tomato's that were left over(ran out of small lids and big mouth jars). I made it just like my Grandma Allen's, then I felt just like I was a kid eating dinner with my grandparents.........I loved it! Then I had so much left I had to share with a small disclaimer...if it's terrible I'm sorry, it tastes just like my grandma's........and I never said she was a good cook............

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