Saturday, November 22, 2014

Border print runner

I had to steal this pic off my Mom's blog. I made this last month while my camera was MIA. I think I have a table runner obsession this season. I have more in various stages of completion too. It's funny because finding a table with a runner on it around my house is impossible. I think this one will be a gift.
  Work is taking a lot of my time lately with no end in sight. I put 60 hours in this week and until Christmas I'll be working 6 days a week. I am trying to do a lot of sewing this weekend but so far all I've done is fight a headache and run to the grocery and pharmacy. Well a little housework has to be done or the next week will be hard around here too. So if I don't post for awhile you all know what's going on...........

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Shoe Box

I took Sara to her TEC weekend in Yankton on Thursday. While at Calvary Baptist Church where they hold the retreat I saw their display for the Operation Shoe Box program. They look like they fill a lot of boxes and I was really impressed with the whole thing. So on the way home I thought about what I could do to donate. I briefly thought about stopping at the dollar store but really don't have the extra I started thinking about what I have in my craft stash. I bought the bear beads when I worked at the zoo (long time ago) to make Emily the Bear bracelets for a fundraiser. Most of the rest I got at auctions or garage sales or someone gave to me. While hauling corn today (ok waiting for it to dump into the auger) I strung beads. Then I rode with Kevin to O'Neill and strung beads. Then I finished the last 5 sitting in my chair. Total bracelets.....42....!!!!!! I used up all the bear beads, the heart beads and the neon beads. I also used up all the elastic cord I had so I guess I'm done now. I will drop off the finished bracelets on Sunday when I pick Sara up. I love donating!!!!

Customer quilts

 Just a peak at what I've been working on for others. This was made by a young man last year in HS. He now has it at college.
A special quilt for a special baby...........

Christmas present?

The gift making has started! Just a sneak peak at what Mom and I are working on.