Monday, May 27, 2013

Lots of quilts

 This beautiful quilt will go to one of Kristin's I don't remember who.......or why, just know it's going in the mail tomorrow. Very simple, squares of McKenna Ryan fabric, I love the watercolor effect.
 This is a throw size quilt made with the leftovers from a quilt I made for my friend Dawn and her husband Rick for a wedding present. Now they have been married for 16 years so my "anniversary present" took awhile to finish. Ok I have to admit Kristin found the box of leftovers and put the quilt top together for me and gave me a reason to finish it. Dawn cried when I gave it to her, she said her quilt is faded and has holes in it from so much use. She said she would not use the new one and I told her "use it, love it, wear it out and I'll make another".
 I made this quilt as a sample for work awhile back, well it's now found a home with Kody and Ashlee. Their wedding was this weekend and their wedding colors were red and black with white. Their bedroom is also these colors so it was meant to be that the quilt was theirs.
 Kristin made this quilt for them also, she was a bridesmaid in the wedding. I love her use of the fabrics in this one, the black print says family and friends all over it.

This quilt has quite a story to it. Back in November I spent a little time with Dawn when her mother died. I grew up with Dawn and spent lots of time with her parents Paul and Ruth and lots of time living at their house. Well I stayed in Dawn's old room in the basement while I was there and was trying to help her sort and pack up the house. In the sorting I found this quilt top, along with a few others and some vintage sheets. I packed them up and had the thought of finishing them for Dawn. Well along comes this wedding (Dawn's daughter Ashlee) so I got busy and started repairing seams and pressing. I spent a whole day on this quilt top, and even missed a few seams I found when I quilted it. Oh and an hour to find the perfect binding fabric..........I put a light blue vintage sheet on the back and my Mom finished the binding. Now I don't know where Ruth got the top, it could be a family heirloom or garage sale find but now it's a treasure for a very loved granddaughter.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ashlee's apron

Kristin is modeling the apron I made for Ashlee's bridal shower. Kristin was in charge of games so she pinned kitchen utensils and such to the apron, had the bride model it briefly then the guests had to recall the items on the apron. The bride liked her apron and it's now hanging in her kitchen.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I am so proud of my son Brad, he made it to 2013 graduation! I'm sure his brother and sisters were proud too, look at those smiles. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

gifts round 2

 This purple throw sized quilt is for Courtney, a friend of Kristin's from college. Kristin put this together out of a set of strips and the borders are from Grandma Flicsha's stash.
 This is for Erica, she graduated and is getting married June 1st. Kristin will be on her way to Seattle at that time so we got her quilt done early.
 The pink and brown is for Megan, she is a music major/ballet dancer and loves pink. The fabric has music stuff and dance stuff on it. She will be going to Seattle with Kristin later this month.
Kristin's soon to be other roommate Shelby gets the green quilt. Kristin used the same pattern but different fabrics in these quilts, I love how she used the green and brown in both but they look so different.
  I have one more quilt to bind so she can mail it off but I ran out of steam and I'm sure the binding fairy did too.
 We are in the middle of graduations and parties................ughhhh!

Bowl Coozies

 Yes we have been busy......there are 55 done so far.......omg!

My Mom made a set for a wedding shower gift, they were a HUGE hit and Kristin took orders to make some. I am planning a few more sets before we go to the wedding on the 26th, not sure if Mom or Kristin want to make anymore though....the first few are fun......the last few are boring............

Friday, May 10, 2013

gifts round 1

 The towels are for Sara's friends for graduation gifts. I used 3 different sizes of type to decide what size I like best. The medium is my favorite, Maria.
 We don't believe in wrapping paper around here, ribbons work great and guests at the party can see what the recipient is getting without being there for the gift opening.
 I embroidered this fleece blanket for Kaylee, as I was trimming the tags I snipped the yarn edging, sooooooo I went out to my shop and dug out some satin blanket binding. (thanks Mrs. Potter) It's cream colored with tan thread. First time I've ever applied blanket binding and I learned not to try to do it in a hurry, and to stitch closer to the edge too.
 Kristin was on a vintage sheet kick for graduation presents, this is for Keely.
 Abby gets the blue quilt.
Hannah gets the yellow quilt.

Kristin has more quilts to gift but they are at the binding faeries at the moment.

Dos Gato

Can anyone speak cat? I would love to know if Dos sounds like Antonio Bandaras.(or how ever his name is spelled)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

kids jackets

 Found a good sale at the Dollar Store. Just couldn't leave well enough alone and I had to embroidery on them for my niece and nephew.
 Rylee is 6 and pretty girly so something sweet is what she needed on her jacket to make it special.
Andrew just turned 9 so kids stuff he's kind of getting out of. Nothing to kiddish for him.
  The jackets had black numbers on the arms so I went with black lettering. Great for the cool evenings spent on the farm exploring.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kristin's dress

 I am always amazed that Kristin can sew, 4 years of Drama/Costume Shop really helped her out. I'm not a great seamstress and definitely not able to teach that kind of stuff. So when she wants to make something I give her ideas and she flys with them.
The denim shirt was waiting for embroidery......well it was gonna wait a long time for me so she grabbed it and along with some yellow poly from Mrs. Potter's totes she assembled this fun summer maxi dress. After this pic she is going to shorted it about an inch, it was perfect with heels but looked lots better with flats. Kristin has always loved dresses, now instead of Grandma making them like she did in Kindergarten, Kristin can make her own.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Kristin bought a car.....NEW car! Her name is Dorthy and she's a Mazda 2. Great gas milage and easy to drive. Parking is no problem either. Dorthy's ruby red slippers is when the dash lights come on and glow "ruby red". I was hoping Dorthy could click her tires together and wish her way home but Kristin is hoping Dorthy takes her anywhere but "home".    I know Kristin is looking forward to saying "We're not in Nebraska anymore".