Friday, May 10, 2013

gifts round 1

 The towels are for Sara's friends for graduation gifts. I used 3 different sizes of type to decide what size I like best. The medium is my favorite, Maria.
 We don't believe in wrapping paper around here, ribbons work great and guests at the party can see what the recipient is getting without being there for the gift opening.
 I embroidered this fleece blanket for Kaylee, as I was trimming the tags I snipped the yarn edging, sooooooo I went out to my shop and dug out some satin blanket binding. (thanks Mrs. Potter) It's cream colored with tan thread. First time I've ever applied blanket binding and I learned not to try to do it in a hurry, and to stitch closer to the edge too.
 Kristin was on a vintage sheet kick for graduation presents, this is for Keely.
 Abby gets the blue quilt.
Hannah gets the yellow quilt.

Kristin has more quilts to gift but they are at the binding faeries at the moment.

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