Monday, May 27, 2013

Lots of quilts

 This beautiful quilt will go to one of Kristin's I don't remember who.......or why, just know it's going in the mail tomorrow. Very simple, squares of McKenna Ryan fabric, I love the watercolor effect.
 This is a throw size quilt made with the leftovers from a quilt I made for my friend Dawn and her husband Rick for a wedding present. Now they have been married for 16 years so my "anniversary present" took awhile to finish. Ok I have to admit Kristin found the box of leftovers and put the quilt top together for me and gave me a reason to finish it. Dawn cried when I gave it to her, she said her quilt is faded and has holes in it from so much use. She said she would not use the new one and I told her "use it, love it, wear it out and I'll make another".
 I made this quilt as a sample for work awhile back, well it's now found a home with Kody and Ashlee. Their wedding was this weekend and their wedding colors were red and black with white. Their bedroom is also these colors so it was meant to be that the quilt was theirs.
 Kristin made this quilt for them also, she was a bridesmaid in the wedding. I love her use of the fabrics in this one, the black print says family and friends all over it.

This quilt has quite a story to it. Back in November I spent a little time with Dawn when her mother died. I grew up with Dawn and spent lots of time with her parents Paul and Ruth and lots of time living at their house. Well I stayed in Dawn's old room in the basement while I was there and was trying to help her sort and pack up the house. In the sorting I found this quilt top, along with a few others and some vintage sheets. I packed them up and had the thought of finishing them for Dawn. Well along comes this wedding (Dawn's daughter Ashlee) so I got busy and started repairing seams and pressing. I spent a whole day on this quilt top, and even missed a few seams I found when I quilted it. Oh and an hour to find the perfect binding fabric..........I put a light blue vintage sheet on the back and my Mom finished the binding. Now I don't know where Ruth got the top, it could be a family heirloom or garage sale find but now it's a treasure for a very loved granddaughter.

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

They're all beautiful. I think you've been even busier quilting than I have. Working on borders today, #2 Granddaughter's ballgame in O'Neill tonight if it doesn't get rained out.