Saturday, May 11, 2013

gifts round 2

 This purple throw sized quilt is for Courtney, a friend of Kristin's from college. Kristin put this together out of a set of strips and the borders are from Grandma Flicsha's stash.
 This is for Erica, she graduated and is getting married June 1st. Kristin will be on her way to Seattle at that time so we got her quilt done early.
 The pink and brown is for Megan, she is a music major/ballet dancer and loves pink. The fabric has music stuff and dance stuff on it. She will be going to Seattle with Kristin later this month.
Kristin's soon to be other roommate Shelby gets the green quilt. Kristin used the same pattern but different fabrics in these quilts, I love how she used the green and brown in both but they look so different.
  I have one more quilt to bind so she can mail it off but I ran out of steam and I'm sure the binding fairy did too.
 We are in the middle of graduations and parties................ughhhh!

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