Sunday, December 1, 2013


 I am making crochet stars for Christmas ornaments for my family this year. I used fabric stiffener on the back of these so they keep their shape and they are easier to work with. I think I will back them with printed paper and hang with ribbon and add a few beads.
I also made a few new pieces of jewelry, this is just one of them. I like to make bracelets because I have big wrists and nothing store bought fits very well.
  I started a new job with Fed Ex two months ago, that's why I don't blog very much right now. I was hired for two days a week and full time the month of December. Well two full weeks of training, a week of fill in for vacation during Hunting season, and a jump start on the holiday season before Thanksgiving and now we're into 6 days a week deliveries. Wow, no wonder there have been no blog! I did a lot of stuff early for craft shows with Mom and she shows it on her blog,