Saturday, August 21, 2010

pillows and such

Kristin finished her pillows, K for Kristin, A for Ali. I was really sweet and gave her my newest most favorite fabric to make these, she better LOVE them!
Got this pink heartstrings ready to quilt plus another that I forgot to take a pic of, on my way to work now........get moving or be late!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Matchless Star's

Here's a quick pic of both my quilts. This is before I got the second one quilted. Looking at them hanging together I decided the second needed quilting so it would look as good as the first one. I am doing a class this fall if anyone is interested. My next star will be with hand dyed fabrics and a black/bright butterfly batik. I found my stash of hand dyed and it's time to use them! Kristin sewed with me today, we quilted 6 pillows, fronts and backs.(ok I'm tired from all that pinning) I also got the horse quilt done and she finished sewing up a UFO bright baby quilt I've had hanging on the design board for over a year. I work tomorrow so its going to be a full to bed for me now....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

more quilting

Kristin talked me into a late night quilting party, she helped me pin and position her T-shirt quilt and she promised to bind it herself! I quilted her name into the plain space on the front, she seemed pleased with it. Now on to 6 pillows.......

This is Roseanne's wedding quilt, it's beautiful! I know the lucky couple will love it!

This is a little table topper, I think Roseanne will scallop the borders, well that's what she did with the others I quilted that were this size. Kristin says these colors are boring...........hehehe...........if it' not brights it's boring to her. I love it, looks like my living room.
I brought 3 more quilts home to do for samples for the shop, I would like to have all the shop samples quilted but that's just not possible. I have one more planned sample to sew up for work then it's on to something new!!!! (I love to plan and start projects!) Ok I'm off to do a little speed cleaning then get ready for work at the bar, little miscommunication on the work schedule there......thought I had today off, oh well it's money.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quilt group

Last night was our Orchard Quilt group meeting. Heart blocks were on the menu. Sandy and her mom Linda cut hearts and assembled, I stitched them down. Along with the 9 I had made there is 16 done. Everyone will be so proud of me....I handed them off to someone else (SIL Anita) to assemble into a quilt when the time comes. I also handed off that basket in the background (Sandy) there was an unfinished set of string blocks lurking in it's depths.......
Oh boy was I on a roll......these QAYG blocks left the meeting with Linda! I am so happy that my friends put up with me and my UFO's!
I am heading out to my studio to turn on the AC and spend the afternoon quilting, today it's time to catch up on other peoples quilts, clean a bit and organize! I am working on my input/outflow theory......output last night was good (thanks to the quilt girls) so maybe I can organize another group of UFO's for next month...hehehe...

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is my first Matchless Star quilt fresh off the quilting frame. I love it!!! When I first put the batik background on I wasn't sure but now I love it! I am going to teach a class at Quilter's Candy Shoppe on this one! I will take this back to work with me on Friday to do the binding and to display with the other one for the class.
I was using up batting scraps today and this is another little quilt fresh off the frame. Mom sent me this awhile back, it was for a gift but she changed her mind. I like it with the bright pink thread in the white border, striped binding will just set it off. Next baby girl to show up is getting a sweet pink girly quilt. I put soft pink and white gingham flannel on the back.

Oh where oh where is the binding fairy when I need her? I'm 7 small quilts behind on! I spent the day doing UFO's, started with the top shelf and I'm working my way hoarding tendencies are getting the best of me and as Kristin put it "inflow is more than output". I looked at my quilting calendar and realized I am 50 quilts behind my goal for the year so far. ( I try to do 10 a month) Soooooooooo I'm going to take my Mom's advice and" do something, anything, even if it's wrong."

Kristin joined me in the studio this afternoon, we weathered the thunderstorm together. I quilted, she labeled her England photo's and filed them in the album. I got a kick out of seeing her working at her Grandma's sewing desk. I really enjoyed having a Sunday off of work, might make a habit out of it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

ready for college

Kristin will soon be leaving us again........I know she's ready to resume her college life. She will have a roommate this year, Ali has agreed to share so Kristin will have to learn how to share all over again. (no roommate for a year and a half and she is spoiled with extra room) The girls have decided to add a coffee table and pillows to the couch just beds and lots of pillows! Kristin leads a devotional group that meets in her room so a table is a great idea for meetings. I'm excited because these pillows have been cheap to make....recycled pillows hide beneath these cute covers. I figured after a year of being sat on and thrown around they can discard them without feeling bad that they cost a lot. She also found wicker boxes with cushions on top at Hobby Lobby for $10 each, storage and seating! Now if I would finish her t-shirt quilt.....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

two posts in one day...

Kristin turns 20 tomorrow.........hope she likes Orange cake with butter cream frosting.
Austin is staying for a few days so I put him and Brad to work. Here they are painting Brad's bed frame. Two cans of spray paint and they need two more.

They are sleeping here tonight...........

Here's Austin starting to dig the fire pit, I sent marsh mellows out. Not to worried about the fire, it rained last night.

Looks like they are ready to the back yard, if you look closely you can see my roof in the top left corner of this pic. Sara is spending the week at Dawn's with her daughter Rachel. Thursday we trade kids back. I enjoy having Austin around, keeps Brad busy!

Long week...

Kristin is working on her T-Shirt quilt, she found a bunch of leftover quilt blocks and pieces to put it together with. I can tell her what some of them are from....the gold and green floral was a quilt I did for Dad and Paula, the Tye-dyed fabric was Ashlee's, the 30's print Hole in the Barn Door blocks were from a Row by Row swap with the State Quilt Guild, cat fabric from blocks I did for an exchange and the old blocks I bought at a garage sale. She has sooooooooo many T-shirts, this is just her favorites.
Patches was her little helper.....what a cutie!

I started this little project today after I found a fridge stand for Kristin's mini fridge. She also mentioned making square shelves (easier to buy at the thrift store) well anyway brown is boring so I dug around and found a dictionary in Brad's discarded books....leftover from 6th grade.
I tried to get it all done before Kristin came home but no such luck so I let her do the shelves.
Kristin has a roommate this year so space is at a premium in their room. I think her bright colored accessories will look good with her bookish shelves.
It's been a long month around here, my father in law is in the hospital. He had a heart attack but wouldn't go to the doctor until he was so bad he didn't even know what time of day it was.(lack of oxygen) it was touch and go for awhile, he was just getting to the point of bringing him home when he climbed out of bed and broke his hip. So off to Norfolk to have it fixed, they weren't sure he would survive surgery but that went well and he is recovering slowly. It will be awhile before he comes home yet so it's going to be another long month....