Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long week...

Kristin is working on her T-Shirt quilt, she found a bunch of leftover quilt blocks and pieces to put it together with. I can tell her what some of them are from....the gold and green floral was a quilt I did for Dad and Paula, the Tye-dyed fabric was Ashlee's, the 30's print Hole in the Barn Door blocks were from a Row by Row swap with the State Quilt Guild, cat fabric from blocks I did for an exchange and the old blocks I bought at a garage sale. She has sooooooooo many T-shirts, this is just her favorites.
Patches was her little helper.....what a cutie!

I started this little project today after I found a fridge stand for Kristin's mini fridge. She also mentioned making square shelves (easier to buy at the thrift store) well anyway brown is boring so I dug around and found a dictionary in Brad's discarded books....leftover from 6th grade.
I tried to get it all done before Kristin came home but no such luck so I let her do the shelves.
Kristin has a roommate this year so space is at a premium in their room. I think her bright colored accessories will look good with her bookish shelves.
It's been a long month around here, my father in law is in the hospital. He had a heart attack but wouldn't go to the doctor until he was so bad he didn't even know what time of day it was.(lack of oxygen) it was touch and go for awhile, he was just getting to the point of bringing him home when he climbed out of bed and broke his hip. So off to Norfolk to have it fixed, they weren't sure he would survive surgery but that went well and he is recovering slowly. It will be awhile before he comes home yet so it's going to be another long month....

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