Saturday, August 7, 2010

ready for college

Kristin will soon be leaving us again........I know she's ready to resume her college life. She will have a roommate this year, Ali has agreed to share so Kristin will have to learn how to share all over again. (no roommate for a year and a half and she is spoiled with extra room) The girls have decided to add a coffee table and pillows to the couch just beds and lots of pillows! Kristin leads a devotional group that meets in her room so a table is a great idea for meetings. I'm excited because these pillows have been cheap to make....recycled pillows hide beneath these cute covers. I figured after a year of being sat on and thrown around they can discard them without feeling bad that they cost a lot. She also found wicker boxes with cushions on top at Hobby Lobby for $10 each, storage and seating! Now if I would finish her t-shirt quilt.....

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