Saturday, August 14, 2010

more quilting

Kristin talked me into a late night quilting party, she helped me pin and position her T-shirt quilt and she promised to bind it herself! I quilted her name into the plain space on the front, she seemed pleased with it. Now on to 6 pillows.......

This is Roseanne's wedding quilt, it's beautiful! I know the lucky couple will love it!

This is a little table topper, I think Roseanne will scallop the borders, well that's what she did with the others I quilted that were this size. Kristin says these colors are boring...........hehehe...........if it' not brights it's boring to her. I love it, looks like my living room.
I brought 3 more quilts home to do for samples for the shop, I would like to have all the shop samples quilted but that's just not possible. I have one more planned sample to sew up for work then it's on to something new!!!! (I love to plan and start projects!) Ok I'm off to do a little speed cleaning then get ready for work at the bar, little miscommunication on the work schedule there......thought I had today off, oh well it's money.

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