Monday, March 30, 2015

baby quilt

I found these blocks at the thrift store and had to bring them home. My Mom made me baby quilts with these blocks when Kristin was due 25 years ago. All four of my kids used these quilts so when I found these blocks I knew I had to make another quilt.......for my grandbabies. No one in my family is expecting so I will just finish it up and stash it away.

machine is home

I am so happy my machine is home, only $200 to fix it. I didn't realize how much I used it until it was at the repair shop, then every other thing I wanted to do involved a fancy machine.....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cowboy baby quilt

 Spike and I sewed up this little baby quilt the other day. I got the blocks from the thrift store and used scraps of light blues.

I used things I had on hand to make this quilt. No buying new is my motto this month!  (until I see something in Vegas on my vacation)


 I have an obsession with hats............I love to make them......but never wear them.......guess I'll give them away.
 I'm also working on these granny squares, just a few at a time. When I run out of one color of yarn I move on to the next.
I finally finished this scarf, all that was left was the fringe. I made two of these and this one I'm keeping, just in time for spring.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winter throw

Quilt group made these blocks a few months ago at their meeting. I made 7 blocks. Well what do you do with 7 blocks? So after setting them with plain squares I quilted it and mom bound it. I call it a FINISH! It now lives at the top of the pile of quilts from the last post. Some times finished is better than perfect.....

Monday, March 16, 2015


 This is what's on my sewing machine right now, a small raggy quilt that needs washed so it gets "raggy" and soft. It's hard to see in this pic but it's a cute boy and dog print with just a touch of red in it.
  I have apple core blocks cut out of Cat in the Hat print. Oh my I now know I don't like curved piecing! I started out needing 7 pins for one curved seam. So long story short I told Luann at the shoppe about my curves and she proceeds to tell me some people can do that seam with 1 pin! Oh wow, challenge taken......I came home and worked on them until I could do it with 1 pin! Well after fighting with them I decided it's easier to do it with 5 pins and a lot quicker for me than stopping and pivoting every 8th inch. Well if I ever get it done it will be a sample for the shoppe.
  The blocks in the bag behind the machine are the leftovers from the apple core blocks, I had enough to cut tumbler blocks out. No hurry on that project, it's just an extra.

I cleaned out the quilts in the laundry room. Now they are stacked on my spare bed  in my "closet". These are the ones we don't use or I won't let the family use. Or seasonal quilts. I like to see them but I need a place to put them so they don't need washed so often. I'm thinking of just layering them on the bed or stacking them in the chair, I can't use the bed with the giant piles!

Monday, March 2, 2015

no more lime

 No more lime! One of the projects around here this winter was painting Kristin's old room in the basement. When she first moved to the basement it was yellow. Wow it was bright, after the flooding she decided to paint lime green, wowzer it was really bright then! So she went to college and about her junior year I moved Brad downstairs and her stuff upstairs. He didn't care one bit about color so I never got it painted for him. So after he moved out this last fall I decided to make the room a little more comfy for the kids and any guests we might actually get.
 Sara and I decided to do it on the cheap and use a color we had leftover from something else so now it's grey, the same as her room upstairs. (she has yellow and black and teal blue with her grey)
Kevin and Sara did most of the painting, he fixed the broken ceiling tiles and I hung purple sheers over the closet opening and the window. Moved Josh's bed in and two dressers, a desk and a wardrobe also. ( things the boys left)
  Brad sleeps downstairs sometimes now, or he falls asleep on my couch after watching TV with us  and this week Josh is home and enjoying having a room while home instead of a corner in the basement.