Monday, March 16, 2015


 This is what's on my sewing machine right now, a small raggy quilt that needs washed so it gets "raggy" and soft. It's hard to see in this pic but it's a cute boy and dog print with just a touch of red in it.
  I have apple core blocks cut out of Cat in the Hat print. Oh my I now know I don't like curved piecing! I started out needing 7 pins for one curved seam. So long story short I told Luann at the shoppe about my curves and she proceeds to tell me some people can do that seam with 1 pin! Oh wow, challenge taken......I came home and worked on them until I could do it with 1 pin! Well after fighting with them I decided it's easier to do it with 5 pins and a lot quicker for me than stopping and pivoting every 8th inch. Well if I ever get it done it will be a sample for the shoppe.
  The blocks in the bag behind the machine are the leftovers from the apple core blocks, I had enough to cut tumbler blocks out. No hurry on that project, it's just an extra.

I cleaned out the quilts in the laundry room. Now they are stacked on my spare bed  in my "closet". These are the ones we don't use or I won't let the family use. Or seasonal quilts. I like to see them but I need a place to put them so they don't need washed so often. I'm thinking of just layering them on the bed or stacking them in the chair, I can't use the bed with the giant piles!

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