Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just hangin' out

Summer is here and we're just hangin' out on the deck with the pets. Evenings and sometimes supper outside when it's not raining....I planted garlic in my planter on the deck, so much for flowers...hehehehe! It's been wet here and gardening has not fit in my weird schedule very well so when the planter was still empty the first of June I filled it with garlic that was past it's prime for cooking. I also put winter onions in my flower bed, it was the only space cleared when they needed to go in so in they went.
Sammy thinks he is supposed to sit on my lap if I'm on the deck, then he chases Blackie the cat away from me. (sorry no pic of Blackie...thanks Sammy) He don't mind him in the house but if he finds him on the deck, watch out! The chase begins!
This is Gavin's Point Dam on the Missouri river in Yankton SD. We made a side trip on the way to camp this year to see the water flow from the dam. They say there is more water coming thru this dam than Niagara Falls. The dam road is still open on weekends but this was Monday so we took the long way around to get on the SD side to get this close. I didn't want to be sprayed with river water so this is close enough. The flooding is bad and I think it's only going to get worse for folks down stream. I know some of my family and friends might lose everything and I worry and pray for them. I am busy working on quilts for this tragedy because that's what I do. Oh and I have a great sidekick who keeps me on track (Sara) and my mom will be here for a few months to help me too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bathroom redo

Here's my before bathroom, boring white and grey. I redid it 3 years ago when Kristin graduated from High School. Oh my it was in serious need of paint and such. So before Josh graduated this spring I decided to paint and redecorated from pale frogs to bright frogs.

Wow! I thought I could pick paint at the store, well I got mint instead of sage.........oh well, no changing now, I replaced the rugs and shower curtain(that is a giant frog on the curtain if your wondering) and found vintage frog pictures at the same thrift store. I also made the curtain, but didn't measure it when I sewed it so it's a little short for my liking. I'm on the look out for another table cloth in the right colors to remake curtains. I also found a frog can for my plunger. I figured I spent $32.00 dollars on my makeover. Paint being $26.00. I liked the frog knobs on my cabinet so I kept the soap dish and such and just added a few new frogs and brightened up things just a bit. I will be happy with the redo until Brad graduates, who knows what I will do in 2 years to my poor bathroom!

Monday, June 13, 2011

something to show

I got a call from one of the quilt group members needing a quilt to send to a soldier serving in Afghanistan. A local boy the church in Creighton is sending a care package to. Not the fanciest quilt I've put together but it's something from home and the gals were sure happy to send it.

This quilt now lives in our living room. The kids love it, I love it and Sammy the dog really loves it! I thought they would put it away for summer but the flannel feels good when the evenings are cool. This is one that I quilted last January and just got it bound this last month....talk about slow.........

I love UFO's! Sure I know I'm weird and have hording tendencies but other people's UFO's really make me happy. For $.25 I can set this little kit beside my chair and work on it in the evening when I'm watching stupid TV. Heck it might turn into a UFO someone else will think about finishing someday.....sure I love UFO's but that don't mean I actually finish them.

Oh another sideways pic, well anyway Sara and I are working on dresses for Africa. We cut 14, have 2 done and the rest are in process. She did pretty well helping me pick trims and sewing the center backs, she didn't care for adding elastic and didn't even want to try the arm binding part. I can deliver them to the thrift store in Ewing when they are done, I love local drop offs, postage just kills me.

Not much else going on around here, the kids are hanging out and the garden needs a little help......going to mud some plants in today, the rain just keeps coming.........

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

maybe later

Today I will quilt. Yes I'm going to quilt. YES I'M GOING TO QUILT! (yes I'm yelling at myself) I have lots to do for other people and more to do for myself but I just keep planning more projects.......keep making more kits........keep digging deeper in my studio......oh to have more ambition. Well anyway yesterday Sara and I started cleaning the studio, we got a space cleared out of the main room for her sewing desk and machine. Stuff gathered for sale at the Farmers Market (if I take it all) and lots of things sorted. I found a few treasures also, it's like shopping in my own stash. Sara wants to make a few things so she sorted her projects and will soon be wanting help finishing them up, pillowcases for her room, holiday wall hanging with removable things for each month, denim purse from a skirt for her friend(ok I've had the skirt for over two years) and she has sock monkey fabric she's dying to use. I think maybe later I'll show up here with pic's.