Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just hangin' out

Summer is here and we're just hangin' out on the deck with the pets. Evenings and sometimes supper outside when it's not raining....I planted garlic in my planter on the deck, so much for flowers...hehehehe! It's been wet here and gardening has not fit in my weird schedule very well so when the planter was still empty the first of June I filled it with garlic that was past it's prime for cooking. I also put winter onions in my flower bed, it was the only space cleared when they needed to go in so in they went.
Sammy thinks he is supposed to sit on my lap if I'm on the deck, then he chases Blackie the cat away from me. (sorry no pic of Blackie...thanks Sammy) He don't mind him in the house but if he finds him on the deck, watch out! The chase begins!
This is Gavin's Point Dam on the Missouri river in Yankton SD. We made a side trip on the way to camp this year to see the water flow from the dam. They say there is more water coming thru this dam than Niagara Falls. The dam road is still open on weekends but this was Monday so we took the long way around to get on the SD side to get this close. I didn't want to be sprayed with river water so this is close enough. The flooding is bad and I think it's only going to get worse for folks down stream. I know some of my family and friends might lose everything and I worry and pray for them. I am busy working on quilts for this tragedy because that's what I do. Oh and I have a great sidekick who keeps me on track (Sara) and my mom will be here for a few months to help me too.

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