Monday, June 13, 2011

something to show

I got a call from one of the quilt group members needing a quilt to send to a soldier serving in Afghanistan. A local boy the church in Creighton is sending a care package to. Not the fanciest quilt I've put together but it's something from home and the gals were sure happy to send it.

This quilt now lives in our living room. The kids love it, I love it and Sammy the dog really loves it! I thought they would put it away for summer but the flannel feels good when the evenings are cool. This is one that I quilted last January and just got it bound this last about slow.........

I love UFO's! Sure I know I'm weird and have hording tendencies but other people's UFO's really make me happy. For $.25 I can set this little kit beside my chair and work on it in the evening when I'm watching stupid TV. Heck it might turn into a UFO someone else will think about finishing someday.....sure I love UFO's but that don't mean I actually finish them.

Oh another sideways pic, well anyway Sara and I are working on dresses for Africa. We cut 14, have 2 done and the rest are in process. She did pretty well helping me pick trims and sewing the center backs, she didn't care for adding elastic and didn't even want to try the arm binding part. I can deliver them to the thrift store in Ewing when they are done, I love local drop offs, postage just kills me.

Not much else going on around here, the kids are hanging out and the garden needs a little help......going to mud some plants in today, the rain just keeps coming.........

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