Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bathroom redo

Here's my before bathroom, boring white and grey. I redid it 3 years ago when Kristin graduated from High School. Oh my it was in serious need of paint and such. So before Josh graduated this spring I decided to paint and redecorated from pale frogs to bright frogs.

Wow! I thought I could pick paint at the store, well I got mint instead of sage.........oh well, no changing now, I replaced the rugs and shower curtain(that is a giant frog on the curtain if your wondering) and found vintage frog pictures at the same thrift store. I also made the curtain, but didn't measure it when I sewed it so it's a little short for my liking. I'm on the look out for another table cloth in the right colors to remake curtains. I also found a frog can for my plunger. I figured I spent $32.00 dollars on my makeover. Paint being $26.00. I liked the frog knobs on my cabinet so I kept the soap dish and such and just added a few new frogs and brightened up things just a bit. I will be happy with the redo until Brad graduates, who knows what I will do in 2 years to my poor bathroom!

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