Wednesday, June 1, 2011

maybe later

Today I will quilt. Yes I'm going to quilt. YES I'M GOING TO QUILT! (yes I'm yelling at myself) I have lots to do for other people and more to do for myself but I just keep planning more projects.......keep making more kits........keep digging deeper in my studio......oh to have more ambition. Well anyway yesterday Sara and I started cleaning the studio, we got a space cleared out of the main room for her sewing desk and machine. Stuff gathered for sale at the Farmers Market (if I take it all) and lots of things sorted. I found a few treasures also, it's like shopping in my own stash. Sara wants to make a few things so she sorted her projects and will soon be wanting help finishing them up, pillowcases for her room, holiday wall hanging with removable things for each month, denim purse from a skirt for her friend(ok I've had the skirt for over two years) and she has sock monkey fabric she's dying to use. I think maybe later I'll show up here with pic's.

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