Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some days

Some days things just don't go like they should, cat on my quilt frame? Shouldn't happen but it does. Rain Memorial weekend? Same feeling. Tired to the bone from 3 days at work and two long nights at the bar. Ditto. I know today will be the day I do housework and sleep, the weather is dull and dreary and my house is getting deep because I have not been home to crack the whip with these teenagers that live here. I made a trip to Omaha last Monday to deliver Mom and Kristin, a trip to Norfolk for eye appointments, made jam on Wends day and worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (got lots of sewing done and a few good sales too!) I also took the night shifts at the bar to help out with the weekend alumni traffic. Friday was so busy I had to have a customer call the boss to come help! Last night the last hour was a big rush after the class parties. Tonight will be interesting as we're catering the alumni dance and having the bar open. I did get kind of lucky and don't have to be there till 8. I like my part time jobs but sometimes I think all the shifts shouldn't happen on the same weekend, just like that cat on my quilt frame.

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