Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uncle Danny

My Uncle Danny passed away on Easter, I was there in the hospital with him for the last two days of his life. My Mom was in Az and my Aunt Donna in Kansas City so Kristin drove me down to Co. Bluffs when I got the news he was on Comfort Care Friday night. I chased all the creepiest friends away when I arrived and only his true friends would show their faces to his family and stop in to check on him with us there. My Aunt and Uncle John along with Adam made it up Saturday and we kept each other company until Sunday when I had to leave about noon. Kristin had to go back to college and I had to work. John and Adam left about the same time to care for animals and Adam had a job interview the next day. My Aunt Donna stayed with him until the end, I'm glad she was there. I know he was waiting for us all to leave before he could let go peacefully. The 14th we had a small service at the church next to my grandma's house with family and the 6 of us (mom, me, Sara, John, Donna and Adam) went to the cemetery. My Aunt wrote a poem for Danny, I find it very fitting of his life and want to share it here.

  • Daniel Nile Wilson

  • Born November 20th, 1954

  • Died April 24th 2011

  • What was he looking for? By Donna Brooks

  • What was he looking for?

  • No one ever knew

  • Even as a child,

  • What was he looking for?

  • He was a little wild.

  • Trouble seemed to find him,

  • Even when he hid,

  • What was he looking for?

  • When trouble he would bid.

  • The rules he did not follow,

  • He lived life his way

  • What was he looking for?

  • Never did he say.

  • Now the end has come,

  • Free from all life's strife

  • What was he looking for?

  • Throughout his troubled life.

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