Saturday, July 24, 2010

fridays sewing

This is a repeat...........made the first one almost a year ago, sold it at Christmas. I still had 5 kits made up so today was the day to finally make another sample. You can find the pattern on Moda Bake Shop. Not going to quilt it for awhile, we will see how the kit sells without quilting. I love 30's prints.
I finally finished the Matchless Star sample quilt. (the second sample) This is another I will quilt at a later time. I have my first sample done and waiting for quilting, maybe this next week if things settle down. I only have one corner that I'm unhappy with but it's staying in now, the more I rip with this quilt the wonkier it gets, love all that bias.....
I have a plan for another one of these quilts but the way my summer is going it will be 2011 before I even get a chance to gather the fabric and remember where I put the pattern!
It's been a long day with the quilt shop then working the bar....think I'm settled down enough now to get some sleep......

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