Sunday, July 4, 2010

A finish

Flatty Katty enjoyed my latest finish. I started this afghan a few years ago, only had a skein left to put on so tonight while watching TV I finished it. I am going to put this one away in a box labeled for my future grand babies. Now don't anyone get babies happening around here....I just know how fast time flies and I want to have something handmade for them to enjoy. I also am really slow at finishing afghans, if I want to have one done for each of my kid's babies I need to work on them once in awhile.

We named this little white kitty Flat Kat, or Flatty Katty as I call her, she is flat.....well her ribs are flat. More like a humans than the round shape like an animal. We think she got layed on when she was born, not sure but she seems to be healthy and she sure is happy!

Sammy likes the kitties now that they are a bit bigger, him and Toulous (not sure of the spelling, the kids named him after a cat from the Aristocats movie) used Brad as a pillow.
I did a little cooking and a bit of cleaning today after I picked Sara up from camp, took a nap on the couch and enjoyed my day off. The 4th will be a picnic at my in laws and work at the bar in the evening.

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