Monday, July 19, 2010

My weekend

Friday at work I finished two quilt tops! I used our 5 yd quilt top patterns, I love the top quilt, the pinks are wonderful, the pic is terrible, sorry.....
This fun quilt is Newton the Sheep. I think it's fun and kind of sweet. I finished them and threw them over a rocking chair for display just before closing.

This bridge is just west of Ewing on the Elkhorn River. The bridge is standing but the road is gone, the river changed channels and left the bridge standing high and dry. Sara is sitting on the end of the bridge, gonna be awhile before they get this one fixed!


Lori said...

water has a mind of it's own sometimes!

ytsmom said...

Wow, is this on the highway? Is there a way to get around without having to go clear out of the way?