Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3 yard quilt

 I bought this fabric in Texas a few years ago at a quilt show in Fort Worth. I took the time to visit the show while my friend Anna was doing horse things at the Will Rogers Arena. Oh my those ladies are amazing quilters in Texas! Well anyway this fabric has been aging in my stash at least two years so the other day while at my Mom's I pulled it out and cut it up. No I did not have a plan, no it was not a good day to pull measurements out of my head, oh and it really was not a good day to "just start sewing". I had a yard of each, so I thought I could cut strips and blocks out of it all.....ended up with enough to add borders after I sewed it all up. Who knew one plus one = two..............I thought one plus one plus one=two......nooooooooooo that's three. So this is a three yard quilt with just enough dark green to make an inside border and binding, wait.....that makes it a three and a half yard quilt.........
I was so proud of myself to actually get it on the quilt frame, until I finished and took it off, then I saw this. The thread jumped the bobbin and made quite a mess on the back. Well it looks like I'm keeping this one, but that's alright, I really like the fabric and it was interesting to make so now that it has a story it can live at my house. Nothing perfect lives at my house anyway.

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