Sunday, June 28, 2015


 My very first pickings from the garden this year! I have already made creamy cucumbers with chives and dill, it's cooling in the fridge for supper. I sliced up the peppers and covered with salt and vinegar and put in a jar for the guys to eat whenever. Kev is doing a lot of the garden work this year, I'm just an occasional weeder, or grass clippings gatherer. He has an irrigation system set up and it works really well until he pumps to much fertilizer thru and burns the plants. Yup....well they are coming out of it but I thought it was best to pick off the peppers to give the plants a chance to perk up.
 I love daylilies, I think I have 4 different varieties now, not sure but I like them all.

 Can you see that zucchini hiding? The plant is not very big yet but it's blooming and producing.
Oh and my helper Sammie was out today too, he walks thru the garden and steps on the plants for me....

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