Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas Cat Quilt

 I collect Christmas Cat fabric, once in awhile I get a quilt done. Well I get a top done anyway. I found this fabric at Cosmic Cow in Lincoln last year while on a day trip with Kev. (he goes to meetings, I shop) I brought it home and matched a bunch of fabrics to it from work. I know there was bunches of pre-coordinated stuff but I like to match my own most of the time. Thrill of the hunt I guess. I am really drawn to pink and red together lately, throw in an aqua and lime.........just yummy! Oh and I made a matching pillowcase shown at the top of the pic. I had a few scraps to use up and I love to use it all when I can.
 I started this quilt a year ago about this time, had it all kitted up and waiting it's turn in the UFO pile. Good thing I judged right on fabrics, all the prints used in the border are now sold out at work.
I helped a bit with this quilt the other day, it's a project of the St. Mary's 5th grade class for an auction. Their mascot is the cardinal. They spent an afternoon pinning and tying, Julie made the quilt and I helped by binding. I love helping with community projects.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I like the colors in your cat quilt too. I STILL have cat fabrics to use up.