Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 It's the longest night of the year, winter solstice. It was also my uncles b'day. I should of been born on this day but stubbornness on my part delayed my arrival by two more days. Forty three years ago there was a terrible storm,  my Grandma took my mom to the hospital, almost didn't get there though, couldn't get up the huge hill in the car with all the snow. When they arrived the nurses came out thinking my Grandma was the one needing help, guess my mom had to go to the doors herself to get someone to let them in. I always thought this was funny, my mom didn't look pregnant and she was tough too. I always watch the weather on this day, waiting for another blizzard, today was 40 and overcast with a slight wind. No storm tonight.
Thought I'd show what I work on when nothing is going on at work. This is an ongoing scrappy project. Very simple so I can have no stress sewing and interruptions don't hurt. I am down to borders on this now, not sure if I'll add them though, can't seem to find anything I like. Right now the quilt is 80X110 so really it don't need borders.........if it had a home I would know what color the borders should be but right now it's homeless, just add it to my UFO pile.

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