Monday, February 1, 2010

Gray Monday

It's another gray day here in Nebraska........... I slept late, fed the goats and petted the cat and now it's almost noon. So I guess it's time to get busy and do something productive with my day. Laundry (never ending) and maybe dishes. I think maybe I'll cook some lunch for myself and do a little looming or crochet before heading out to the studio. I do have pic's to share so I will be back later to blog about them.
Kev and Brian cooked last night so my kitchen is trashed, I'm glad they can feed themselves but the grease mess is unbelievable! Kev told me last night when he came into work that he would clean the kitchen tonight........that's when I knew it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Brat's, fried potato's and baked beans all cooked in the house, oh my! It was so cold outside he couldn't get the grill lit so they grilled on the new gas cook top. Like I said I'm glad they can feed themselves!

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