Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quilters Home

I was laying in bed reading my newest Quilters Home tonight when I realized something just wasn't one was calling me sweetie, cupcake or snookums. No sharp witted comments on Quiltzilla's. No cute puppy pic's to oh and awe over. NO MARK on the cover!!!!! I started to freak and went cover to cover looking for him.............I finally found him, on the little cardboard magazine subscription card stuck in the middle of the magazine. Lets just say I'm disappointed, and slightly disturbed that I spent money on a magazine that is not what it pretends to be. I wondered why Mark's face wasn't smiling at me on the newsstand, now I realize I missed the previous issue because I overlooked it, it looked just like all the other magazines coming out of Golden Colorado. I'm sad, I loved Mark's Quilters Home, it's just not the same without him. Needless to say I will not be spending my hard earned quilt money on this magazine anymore, it's sad when they try to copy something so good only to come up short. Hey I'm sure there are lots of quilters out there that are relieved to see Mark gone but those quilters won't buy the magazine just because Mark's pic is gone from the cover, it's to late to entice those few back and the rest of us are the loser's left with this watered down, pale, lifeless magazine.
(Note to the new Quilters Home, you should replace the subscription cards! False advertising or just to cheap to make new ones?)

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

When I first heard that Mark would no longer be associated with Quilter's Home I knew I'd never buy another issue of the magazine. And to think I considered subscribing!!!