Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow day

Here's a pic of my brother Kelsey and his Little Devil Quilt. I know it's a year late........ugh!
Here's two of the many throws Kristin and I did for presents this year. The pink one is Helena's and the cream one is Kelsey's. I used yarn out of Grandma Allen's stash for these. Just love them! I have one left to do for Sara then I'm done with this years kids are last on this list because they don't worry, they know they will get them sooner or later.

I took the time to make a few quilt as you go blocks. I got 7 done this evening. I will be sending these to Jay from Heartstrings yahoo group. He is collecting QAYG blocks for his nursing home project. I love doing their special projects, this time it's these and pillowcases for the Million Pillowcase Challenge. I will be doing a few cases also, the shop is going to be a drop off point.

I also took a little time to clean off half of my sewing desk. (I only took a pic of half cause the rest is piled as high as my head) I am working on this quilt for a strip club at the shop. I have 14 more blocks to assemble then 2 borders, won't take long when I get back out there tomorrow.
I found a few backs for my mom's quilts so maybe I will sew them up tomorrow also. There is one for Kelsey and one for Josh, (Brad's is done) and one extra. I also have one for Mom but there is no hurry for that one because I won't be sending it to Florida, just going to hold on to it till further notice.
I came in early tonight because it was getting cold in my studio and I was to lazy to go out in the dark for more wood. I am planning a nice quiet evening snowed in with my family(and brother-in-law) they are cooking chicken and noodle soup with mashed potato's, Kristin and Sara made cookies and peanut clusters. They are playing Scrabble also. I think I'm going to find a blanket and crochet hook.

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