Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pep talk-2

Ok my little pep talk must of worked a bit, I went out to the studio and made 7 QAYG blocks for Heartstrings/Jay's Nursing Home Project. I have enough backs cut for 36 total blocks, 7 are done! Sara made dinner so I am on break, she is getting to be a good cook. (Pasta casserole) Only one problem with sending Brad out to start a fire today............he used my string bucket as a source for fire starter! I told him anything in the brown wicker basket was starter(I throw my scraps into it with newspaper) well he used some scraps out of the bucket sitting next to the wicker basket.............oh well.........guess I will forgive him this time, he started one heck of a fire and it was warm when I got out there. I'm going to move the bucket!
I did a pillowcase and kits at work last week, it's the start of the Million Pillowcase Challenge.

I also finished the Dog Quilt last week, to bad I misplaced the directions and can't write up the pattern...........ugh!!!!
Well off I go to sew some more, maybe I will post pep talk #3 when I get done in the studio.

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