Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Christmas

Interesting decoration for a Christmas nephew has a snake infatuation, he's 7. We're pretty sure he didn't put the snake in the tree, it was to high for him to reach. I'm sure someone(sister, cousin) hid his snake from him.

My sweet girls are getting old! 2 sophomores and one college freshman...oh my! Shyann goes to UNL and is studying elementary education. Kristin is at Northwestern studying secondary education English with a minor in theater and speech. Jill has changed hers again and now wants to work for the American Heart Association in the business end of it. Not sure what she told me her major was, long title and I forget easy.

I gave my dad and his wife this quilt for Christmas. It matches the family room in the basement. I love this was hard to give away.
On the way to work this morning........gotta run, gonna be late!!!

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