Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In between time

I took over 50 pic's of my cat last night.
Can you tell I really like Princess Mutant Cat.....other wise known as Snowball. I thought it was interesting that the good eye(blue) glows red in the flash but the bad eye(brown) is black in the flash.

Thought I would share my decorated bathroom with ya all too. I made the curtains and trimmed the shower curtain with fabric that was from my stash. I had enough left for 3 throw size quilts to make too. The goodies on the shelves are from the girls at quilt group and the decoration on the back of the toilet is from Luanne. I also had a Happy Holidays rug and tan rugs to match and snowman soap dish. I think it was fun to decorate and didn't take much to do since it is the smallest room in the house. I actually bought a box that I'm going to label and put everything in so next year it's just as easy to do as it was this year.

Here's Kristin doing homework with her two helpers. Not sure if the dogs got much out of the Spanish flashcards.........

I also got a pic of her crocheting and watching T.V. tonight. She is finishing the last of the gifts we are taking with us Friday to my Dad's house. I am really tired of those blankies............I am ready for this week to be done, I did spend the day in my studio, only quilted one quilt but I cleaned and sorted a lot of stuff. Oh do I have UFO's and WHIPS and PIGS! Oh well as of tomorrow I will be down one UFO after I bind my Dad's present.
I have to work at the quilt shop tomorrow, then at the bar for New Years. Come back from Co. Bluffs on Saturday to work that night and Sunday too. What can I say, it's cash.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I'm surprised you cat stuck around for 50 pictures. She's model material

Sounds like you're getting lots of mileage out of this Christmas. I have too, can't even remember what day it is most of the time.

I've thought of decorating my bathroom for Christmas, and have done a little a few times, but this year there wasn't a single thing Christmasy in there.

Have a great Christmas at your Dad's.