Saturday, December 19, 2009

Popular Christmas

Here's a pre-view of the most popular Christmas panel/project for 2009.(top two pic's) Roseann at work picked these up in Omaha during Thanksgiving weekend shopping. It's amazing what a little magazine exposure can do for a fabric line. (I know the pic's suck but it was dark and to cold to do outside) The last pic is last years line by Art to Heart, ribbon border by the girls at work. (there is one more kit for this wall hanging/throw then it's retired) I like the way the lines of this fabric kind of tie together year to year, makes mixing and matching easier for people like me who buy it but don't get it made for awhile and then need more for binding or something.
Today the guys are working on the kitchen, hooking up the gas lines and electric for the island. Kristin is going to paint for me, I really wanted light pale pink...........but I settled for light pale blue. Kevin was with me and vetoed the pink. I know it's my house and I should decorate the way I want but I try to keep peace and compromise a bit, little does he know I'm going to put bird curtains from my moms on the windows for Christmas.......hehehe! I will show pic's when it's finished.

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Hooey said...

Hello! Love your blog, especially with the mentions of Omaha, CB, and Norfolk! I grew up in southwest Nebraska but now live 30 miles south of Council Bluffs and drive there to work every day.

Love the Art to Heart stuff--actually really like everything on your site! I'll bookmark it so I can find it again. Merry Christmas! Sue Wagner