Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas gifts

The cat quilt is a paid job. Finished it just in time for the snow storm to get in the way of delivery. It will be picked up after Christmas now.
The frog quilt is for Anna, hopefully I will get to see her after Christmas. I made up the pattern as I went, it was really fun to make.

The string quilt is one our quilt group did together for Mom, I put the borders on and quilted it this month. It will be going to a very special little boy soon.
We are in the middle of a snow storm (so's half the country) and I'm planning on being snowed in for the next two days. Just going to do a little cleaning, a little crafting and a little wrapping. Kristin is making Italian food tonight for my B-day dinner.....yummy! My husband bought me a new pink phone also, it's so cute and it matches my new wallet from my Mom. It's been a very good day for a B-day. I do think it's the first snow on my day that I can ever remember....

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JuJu said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!! Love the quilts!