Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Would you call this a winter wonderland? It's beautiful from inside the house.....out there not so much. Behind the tree in the middle of the pic is my driveway, usually you can see fence and field, even the tree line a mile away. Today it's just grey, grey and white. Brian (Kev's brother) is without power in Royal, 5 miles away. So far we have power and so do the folks down the road.
The present opening started with kitchen gadgets, here's Brad with his, just what every 14 yr. old had on his list this year, a potato peeler. Yippy!!! Ok so he wasn't so thrilled, but the cell phone and Ipod docking station made up for it. Santa brought them all handheld video recorders too, home movie time!

Sara loves her cell phone! The boys also got xbox live cards, now they can play online games for 3 months. Kristin got new pillows and a new cell phone also, it's a little red slide phone with a full keyboard. She picked it out herself, her dad is a softy when it comes to electronics and such.

This is my new present, a finished kitchen island. (and a man cooking) He told me it would be done for Christmas and he kept his promise. The only thing left is an outlet cover, there were none in town so next trip to Norfolk I will pick one up and he wants a few shelves in the cabinets. 3 more bar stools and he still needs to shorten them by 4 inches. Kristin finished painting last night also. I'm really enjoying this day home with the kids and Kevin, so I'm off to do the last of the dishes and then take my annual Christmas day nap!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Looks like you're having a nice Christmas, storm and all. Are you SURE it's a good idea for kids to have video cameras? Just think of all the embarrassing videos they can post to youTube. LOL And I can see why Kevin wanted to build you an island in the have a place for his wine cooler....though I don't see much wine in it....LOLOL

Merry SNOWY Christmas. Stay warm.