Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Santa finished his duty just before midnight, wow! That's the earliest he's ever finished around here. I put the stockings on the tree this year, just a few bare places to hide due to no decorations. I just didn't have the energy (still fighting tooth ache) for hanging a million little things on it and besides Kristin and Josh are taking it down Saturday. Thanks to my Mom we do have bows all over it, Sara did that for me earlier today. We spent the day cooking and decorating, oh and a lot of cleaning! Not sure who will be here tomorrow for the fun but the prime rib is in the oven, the potato's are ready to stuff and the dips are made. Waffles for breakfast after opening presents. It's just going to be us 6 in the morning, until 10 or so, then family will start showing up. The snow and wind might keep some at home but I would rather they be safe than stuck in the snow! As I sit here writing I can hear the snow hitting the north facing window, it's really unpleasant out there!
Dinner tonight was simple, potato soup, crackers and cheese ball plus spinach dip and roasted red pepper dip. I whipped up a batch of haystacks for dessert. After dinner the kids opened their annual Christmas Eve presents, new jammies! We also watched the 6th Harry Potter movie.
Brad with Sammy, Kristin, Sara with Sadie and Josh in their new jammies. (yes Sara loves Sock Monkeys and Josh loves the "headband" that came wrapped around the set of jammies-gotta love those silly kids!)

I always let them take a 'silly pic' this one is the funniest with all of them in it...I think Sara is trying to eat Sadie, I am really proud of my silly kids, they are the best presents a Mom could ask for. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!

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Flicsha said...

Me TOOOO!! love you all! MOM