Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey did anyone notice the new thing on the right side of this page? Well anyway I joined the Stringthing Challenge blog. We're going to make string quilts and donate them locally. Ok I know I already do this but it's fun to join others for inspiration and motivation. I got the pic of the button and the site info but I have no idea how to make it a real button that you can click and link to, and my smart computer literate family doesn't blog, just me so they are no help. Oh well I need the online motivation of others right now so this is my new favorite blog. Check them out, (sorry you have to copy and paste the info to get to it)

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Stacey said...

Hi Jennifer, I am so happy that you are joining me for my String Quilt Challenge. I too am figuring out all the nuances of getting the blogging thing just right. I look forward to making new friendships and making lots of quilts. I will be adding a feature where members can also post their pictures to the blog too.

p.s. I love your snow pictures. You are right about having to live in it though. Being from North Carolina we only get about 2 -4 inches of the white stuff. With that the whole city shuts down.

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