Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After Christmas

I know it's after Christmas, wow, where has the year gone? I decided to look back at my blog from last January today. Surprise, surprise, no goals for the new year written down. I guess I was goalless or maybe I thought it was stupid at the time to set something I knew I would never finish. Well anyway I think I will set some for the new year this year.........
  1. Family quilts. I have quilts planned for most of my family, maybe writing about them will help me finish them in the next year.
  2. Project Pink. Only 3 or 4 to go.
  3. One Million Pillowcase Project. The shop is participating so this should be an easy goal.
  4. Finish the last of Grandma Wilson's quilts. 4 left to quilt.
  5. Keep my crochet hook moving! I have scrubbies, scarves and blanky's to work on.
  6. Grandma Allen's yarn, I want to sort and plan a few things, Kristin will help me with this as she is a crochet machine.

And last but not least I want to finish a few projects for myself.

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