Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow day

Josh, Sara and I moved Grandma Allen's sewing desk into my quilting room today. Sara loves to sew with me but she didn't like being alone in the sewing room part of the studio. (to many questions for me to answer and help with) I stacked a few boxes and sorted some junk and made room for her. The green machine my mom gave us awhile back, it works great with a little practice. She is working on happy blocks in the pic, she got the first row done before we got tired and came in the house for dinner.
This is #2 of the quilts I'm quilting for my mom, she is giving it away for Christmas.

This is a gift for my friend Anna, she collects frogs. We saw this fabric together and she asked for a quilt. I ignored her in the store so the next time I saw the fabric I bought a sample pack. She will be surprised unless she reads this......
I stared another quilt for my mom BUT I bought the wrong backing for it. It was the same pattern as one on the front but a different colorway...ugh!!!! So I unpinned the back and went searching for something else for the back, ended up with a brown print, don't look to bad so I got it sewed up and sewed up another back before coming into the house for the night. It's a blizzard outside and the walk to the house was tough, wind blowing, dark, cold and snow to mid calf and deeper in some places. I don't mind snow but when it's blowing into my face so hard I can't open my eyes I don't like it.
Tonight the guys are working on my island. Starting the glue process for the counter top. They have been busy all day plaining boards and such, now they are snowed in so two extra bodies here for the night. Just like a slumber party...hehehehe! (I think I will hide in my room later)

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