Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whats going on

Sara wanted me to blog about what she bought for her friend's sister and new baby. She picked out the present by herself last weekend while in Norfolk shopping. The baby shower is Sunday and she's really looking forward to going. I'm giving a quilt that I've already showed somewhere on this blog. I'm also giving one to the baby's Grandparents for them to keep at their house. I have a feeling I will be working during the shower so Sara will have to deliver presents.
My mom wondered what I've been working on and why I haven't changed my blog for awhile. Here's the reason...........Lucky and Oreo take a lot of time and their sleep schedule kind of sucks! The kids do help with feedings and such so that helps a lot. I went to catch a goat and put her and the babies back in the chicken house today and found my favorite goat Heidi having twins, no wonder the other was out, she was running away from the new mommy! If I can keep all 9 alive now I will have quite a haul to take to the Exotic Animal Auction in March.
On the crafty side around here I have two hats to take off the looms (gotta find my big yarn needle) a scarf to finish for myself and a headband/wrap to make yet. I'm close to finishing the top of the red and black quilt for work, need to quilt a few things for other people. I have a cream and lace scarf to make, and I need to rev up my embroidery machine!
All this and cook, clean and do laundry...........oh and starting Thursday night I work non-stop thru the weekend.

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