Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok in my last post I told ya I didn't want to show the grey.........well this is my tree line just east of the house. From what the weather man says this is whats in store for us the rest of the week and into next. Oh wait.......throw in a little rain, sleet and snow for good measure and every ones mood will just be 'fine and dandy'!
I love a little Halloween in January, this is Roseann's table topper, she will scallop the borders when she binds it. We found it's so much easier to quilt then scallop, I hate pinning wavy edges into the quilt machine.

And last but not least is Luann's quilt. She made this for her niece who is getting married the 6th of February. I am so glad I took overnight to sleep on the decision of whether to quilt it with blue thread or white thread. Last night I had in my head it would be white, went to quilt today and thought blue so I called Luann, made her decide. She took the decision out of my hands and picked blue. I love the end result, like she said white would of looked 'cheap'.
I finished my round at the bar and don't have to go back till Sunday, wow, two whole weekend nights off.........what will I do with myself? Ha-ha I will probably sleep, and that's where I am headed now, got a whole day of inventory and sewing tomorrow at the quilt shop.

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