Thursday, February 4, 2010

A few more things...

I got Roseann's Valentine banner done this week, I quilted a heart pattern across it. Oh boy am I out of practice! Sorry for the lousy pic's, it's dark and coooooold outside and there's no way I'm going out there tomorrow either! (everything is wet due to the rain and snow so no outside pic's)
I bound 4 little hot pads for my kitchen, the black was already quilted and cut off of an earlier project. I have no idea why I used the peach stripe fabric on that one....I just grabbed the first binding scrap in the basket and sewed it on, then I thought about it and did the other 3 in blue to match the kitchen. Nothing fancy for my kitchen because with all the "cooks" in my house they just get ruined as fast as I make them.

I also finished 36 QAYG blocks for Heartstrings and Jay's Nursing Home Project. They are all done in pastel strings with the same backing for all the blocks. Check out the fire starter in the right top corner of the pic, Bradley will be happy I saved it for him.

Oh and I have to throw in a goat pic once in awhile too! This is Hope and Charity, my two Fainter Kids.

I also put binding on this Heartstrings quilt this week. It's in the wash tonight and heading out in the mail tomorrow.
I do seem to be feeling a bit better tonight, I'm heading to bed and hopefully I can sleep the rest of it off. Kev is at work, he got a bug on the main system and it's sending out millions of emails...........he has till Monday to find it and fix. It's gonna be a long weekend.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Hey, I recognize some of those fabrics!! You've been getting a lot the strip baskets look any less full?

The goats are just so cute...are those full-sized adults?