Wednesday, October 13, 2010

crazy two weeks

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. My Mom bought a building and we moved her stuff into it, remodeling is imminent.......I am tired and out of shape! I'm working more at the bar(heading there in about 5 minutes) and will have two days at the quilt shop this week. After taking Mom to the airport Tuesday morning I went back to the motel and enjoyed a morning nap then I made my way over to the Log Cabin Quilt Shop in La Vista. I spent a good two hours there visiting with the boss and checking out everything in her shop. It was so nice not having anyone bugging me while I looked around........'are you done yet' .........'can we go now".........'what do you need that for?' I also brought home a few things to make samples, oh I'm excited! I will be back to this blog in the next week with things to show off! It's a good thing I have to go to work at the quilt shop tomorrow........sample time!

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