Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Since this is supposed to be a quilting blog I guess I will show some quilts. The top blue quilt is Roseanne's, it's a 4 Patch Poesy Quilt pattern. This one is done and delivered.
 This one is the same pattern as the top quilt, also Roseanne's. She said this one looks like an old lady quilt. Hmmmmm I kind of  like it..........does that mean I'm an old lady?
I am presently working on this quilt. Luanne is making graduation quilts. I'm right in the middle of quilting this one and my machine wanted to give me fits so I walked away. Maybe a little time apart will make the heart grow fonder?

Shop Hop is starting this week so we have been BUSY getting the shoppe shaped up for visitors. I'm looking forward to the new samples we are hanging tomorrow and the new line of Christmas fabric is soooooo nice! I sure am getting tired.........but it's good to be busy!

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Love your header picture. Is it one of yours?

My machine was giving me tension fits yesterday on the quilt I was working on. Finally after changing the needle, adjusting the way the needle was in, changing the bobbin, and finally just rethreading the whole thing it started working right...when the quilt was almost two-thirds done. This one had a cotton batting and I don't think the machine liked it, all of the ones I'd done recently had poly batting and the tension was perfect. Wouldn't you know this one is somebody else's and the rest were mine or for donation.